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Sustainable alternatives
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Did you know?
So far this hour
bags were consumed worldwide

Together we can make a difference!

Our planet uses 5 trillion plastic bags per year! That’s 160,000 a second and over 700 bags a year for every single person on the planet! You can help reduce this by choosing our certified compostable products over conventional plastic products.


  • Made with plant materials & non-toxic, water based inks
  • Certified compostable to US & International standards
  • Fully breaks down to make healthy soil in as little as 3 months
  • Non-toxic, worm safe & leaves behind no micro plastics or harmful residues
  • Suitable for both home & industrial composting
  • Superior quality, won’t split or break
Why Biohybrid™?
  • Made from 20% plant-based renewable material
  • Lower carbon footprint versus conventional plastic bags
  • Made with less oil and includes no heavy metals
  • Suitable for soft plastic recycling programs
  • Extra thick & tough – tear resistant
  • Eco-friendly and economical


Our products are certified compostable to stringent U.S. and International Standards

Our lifecycle begins
and ends with the earth

The cycle begins
GMO-free corn is grown and harvested
Corn starch is extracted
Corn is processed to extract starch from the kernel
Certified compostable resin is made
Corn starch is combined with other compostable materials to make resin
Finished product is made
Our certified compostable product is created
Product is used
A consumer purchases and uses our certified compostable product
Product is disposed of
Product is placed in a home, council or industrial bin for composting
Product biodegrades
Product fully breaks down and returns to the earth to make nutrient rich soil
The cycle of life continues
Nutrient rich soil is used to grow healthy plants and crops
Our mission is to save the earth one bag at a time!

Did you know you can make a valuable contribution to the environment by making simple changes in your everyday life?

At MyEcoWorld™ we’re passionate about helping people and businesses to do things in a more sustainable way.

Our products are fully developed by us, from creating the cutting-edge technology for our patented compostable formulations to making our brilliant compostable and recyclable products.

Our relentless focus on R&D places us at the forefront of sustainable technology, enabling us to supply the highest performing and most economical products in the market.

So if you’re looking to do things in a more sustainable or eco-friendly way then we’d love to help you.

We have sustainable products for all business types.

Our commercial solutions will meet your needs no matter the type or size of your business.

At MyEcoWorld™, the only limit is your imagination. We have an extensive range of off-the-shelf products you can choose from.

Alternatively, our team of experts can work with you to develop your own custom-made products, tailored to your brand and business needs.

So, if you’re looking for superior eco-friendly options for your business, please contact us, we’d love to help!